Search Engine Optimization


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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is an ever changing science that is impacted by a combination of the correct web tools, the proper content, continual updates, accurate details of your business across the web and several additional factors that our years of research, continuing and education and experience have taught us.

Search Engine Optimization can be broken down into 2 basic types…

  • Local SEO
  • Global SEO

About every 18 months, Google changes the algorithm by which search results are ranked. The algorithm is a process or set of rules generated by the search engine in determining calculations for how website content is ranked.

Simply put, competitive keywords and phrases require a greater amount of optimization than do obscure or less competitive words and phrases.

Why Choose Increase Marketing for Your SEO Campaign?

Our SEO team is skilled in building campaigns to increase rankings both locally and globally.
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